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Why You Should Compare Yourself To Others

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          Your brain might be going haywire right now...compare myself to others?? Everyone I've ever spoken to has told me NOT to compare myself to other people! I was told the same thing growing up, and some people even told me that when I first started building my brand. I think it's crazy not to compare.
          The reasons are simple. People tell you not to compare yourself to other people so that you don't feel bad when you don't quite measure up. This is understandable when you're young...kindergartners, first graders - they might need that comforting. But once your old enough to be responsible for yourself, you need to be RESPONSIBLE for yourself, and that involves how you compare to other people.
          So now I'm going to debunk this myth. Here are four reasons you should compare yourself to other people:

1) Competition

Probably the best reason is the competitive aspect of comparing. I realized a few years ago that I am naturally a competitive person. I pride myself on how much better I perform than others, but I don't let other people's performance LIMIT me. I think this is a crucial distinction: if you compare yourself, don't use that comparison to say to yourself, this is better than anyone else could do, so my work is done. Instead, take pride in the fact that you outperform all others, but always do the best job you can do, however far above others' performance level that is. When you compare yourself to others you can use that competitive nature that is built into your brain: use success outside of yourself to push you further. Challenge yourself to become the best an beyond in your field. Competition can be a great thing because it can force you to take some responsibility.

2) Inspiration

It's no secret that we can gain inspiration from other people who are doing similar things. Comparing yourself to other people lets you see the gap between you and them. Once you see that gap you can aspire to close it, to become better in your field, and progress toward where the people ahead of you are. Like Tony Robbins says, "Success leaves clues." The universe doesn't play favorites: if you follow in the footsteps of someone, you'll get exactly where they end up. When you compare yourself to others you can determine if you want to move toward their destination or a similar one, and then figure out what they have done that you haven't done yet.

3) Perspective

This may be the least expected reason to compare yourself to others, but it's one of the most important. Looking carefully at what other people have done is sometimes a good way to gauge what you can expect out of yourself. If you've gone through my program, Your Subconscious Mind Is Listening, then you know that I believe basically anything is possible. But if you're someone who doesn't think like that, or if you're someone who believes that humans have concrete limitations, then maybe you should start comparing yourself to others. I'll use income as an example. Do you believe it's possible for you to earn $1,000,000 next year? Why not? If you compared yourself to other people you might change your mind...you'd see plenty of millionaires who came from worse situations and have gone to earn more. You gain a new perspective when you look at other people; you might start to think that much more is possible, that you can expect so much more from yourself than you ever imagined.

4) Change

Lastly, you should compare yourself to others to create CHANGE in your life. It has been said that every person earns within 10% of what the people they spend most of their time with earn. That is a huge statement. Part of the reason that is true is because we naturally compare ourselves to others on a subconscious level. If we earn a 5-figure income and we hang around with 7-figure income people, we're going to feel inadequate. Well...use that to your advantage! Start comparing yourself to people who live the life you want to live, and you will naturally begin to aspire and move toward that same lifestyle. It's going to happen anyway...you might as well use it to your advantage. Compare yourself, your attitude, your income, and your lifestyle to those of the people you aspire to become similar to.

          I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I'm suggesting you go against the grain here: compare yourself to others. Just make sure you do it in a healthy way that benefits you in the end, that encourages you rather than drags you down, and that energizes you rather than depletes you.


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